About RCI

Risenhoover Consulting, Inc. (RCI) was founded in November of 2003 to offer information technology (IT) management and security consulting to businesses. Since then, we have grown to a full service firm offering services to growing businesses which have their own IT departments. We specialize in audit and assurance services, technical training, and custom software development.

We have experience helping clients in the public and private sector, in a number of industries, including community banking, construction, web services, higher education and government.

You can best benefit from our services if your organization fits one of the following profiles:

  • You have a need to better align IT with the organization's strategic vision
  • You need an independent view of your IT effectiveness or your compliance with IT policies and regulations
  • Your IT department needs training to keep up with new demands
  • You have realized a need for formal policies and procedures to drive IT
  • You need to streamline or automate your business processes to increase efficiency or productivity